Welcome to the ThisIsOurShot Trusted Advocate Program portal. We curate vaccine insights and messaging from our allies  and produce original content to help healthcare heroes effectively engage with friends, family, and communities in everyday conversations both digitally and in-person.

We offer a 60-minute virtual introductory training providing you with the tools you need to have a successful vaccine conversation with members of your community and share insights on how to effectively engage on social media.

Getting started

Follow us on social media and download our Welcome Toolkit to learn more about how to share your vaccine story and selfies on social media.

COVID-Vaccine Conversations

Having a conversation about the COVID vaccine is the first step to building trust. These conversations often take time and can be challenging. Prepare yourself for the conversation with our COVID Vaccine Conversation Guide, which outlines effective messages and specific language insights to help you have meaningful conversations.

Combating Misinformation

It’s difficult to know what information you can trust online these days. False information spreads faster than the truth on social media and can harm individuals by affecting their behavior. Download the MisInfoRx Toolkit to learn about medical misinformation and how the Three C’s Approach (Compassionate Understanding, Connection, and Collaboration) can help you during challenging conversations.

Video Portal

Our short, informative, educational videos are designed to help you become a stronger vaccine advocate!
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